Lago Casa 

Shatsk National Park
Mini - HOTEL

In 2016, we opened the doors of our hotel for guests, and today we invite you too!

- Comfortable and clean rooms in Scandinavian style

- a panoramic view of Lake Svityaz

- three meals a day

- equipment for entertainment on the water

- bicycles

- simulators

- mini-pool

- barbecues, gazebos and summer cuisine

- table tennis

- outdoor cinema

- bath and hookah (for a fee)

- and that friendly staff



We are ready to surprise you with a cozy interior



3 meals a day


In order to have a pleasant stay, we prepare for you delicious local produce

Free Wi-Fi

access is provided by the administrator


From the window of your room you can see the lake Svitiaz, an incredibly picturesque meadow and forest, and also our territory with a lawn, a pool and gazebos


Sapies, kayaks, tennis, basketball, simulators, bicycles, chaise lounges, gigantic mattresses, board games - FREE!



from the hotel to the beach will have to pass among the meadow flowers 300 meters: to the right - the beach on the grass, and to the left: sand beach and a wooden bridge in the water


Use of gazebos and barbecue (+ firewood) - for free! We will help to order local products and even crayfish






Inflatable boats for swimming standing. If you have not tried it yet - then at Shatskikh to swim on the sails - pure buzz!


On such a boat you can swim in the depths of the reeds and make amazing photos


Guests often show them to the city for berries and fruits, as well as for walks to the forest

Open air cinema​

Guests choose a movie or cartoon on their own

Conference Hall


The hotel has a conference room (equipped with appropriate equipment)


"То було круто... шкода, що мало! Повернемося ще"


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Vyshneva st. 27
Pulmo, Volyns'Ka Oblast', Ukraine

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